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KUALA LUMPUR: With more Malaysians seeking data, U Mobile is now the first telco operator in the industry to offer a massive 1,000 GB high-speed data through its new U Postpaid 98 data plan.

In its new line-up of 5G-ready postpaid plans, the telco operator also launched the U Postpaid 68 data plan, which will join the earlier launched U Postpaid 38 data plan back in March to form U Mobile’s new range of unbeatable postpaid plans.

U Mobile chief marketing officer Navin Manian said this new line-up of 5G-ready postpaid plans represented a significant shift in the telco’s approach to respond to customers evolving needs.

“With U Postpaid 98 and U Postpaid 68, we have been very focused on ensuring the plans are unbeatable and also full-fledged in terms of services.

“You can get all the high-speed data you could ever need, accessible in pricing, 5G-ready and meeting a family’s total needs, especially in a tough economic climate,” he said during the launch of the new 5G-ready postpaid plans.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Manian said customer needs had evolved and mobile connectivity was in greater demand than ever.


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Citing data from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission or MCMC, he added that data utilisation by Malaysians had risen by 47% as of the first quarter of this year.

“More Malaysians are seeking data and at a younger age. The percentage of 12-year-olds owning a mobile phone grew to 71% in 2021 from 41% in 2015,” noted Manian.

With the 5G commercial rollout coming, Minian said that consumers were on the look-out for good deals on 5G devices due to the rising cost of living.

As such, he explained that customers looking to buy a 5G device also had the option of getting the device on an instalment basis with 0% monthly interest via U Mobile’s U PayLater or with U SaveMore.

Meanwhile, U Mobile head of consumer business Michael Tung said U Postpaid 98 customers can also share their huge 1,000 GB of high-speed data and unlimited calls with up to six family members for only RM38 per line.

He added that both postpaid plans were poised to fulfil Malaysians’ wanderlust, as the telco is offering 15 GB data monthly to roam for free in 63 destinations.

“These destinations include the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea.

“Customers will also enjoy free incoming calls from any of these 63 destinations when abroad,” Tung pointed out.

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