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KUALA LUMPUR: Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd’s (CMS) net profit fell 16.5% to RM39.57mil in the second quarter ended June 30 (2Q), from RM47.4mil last year.

The lower profit was mainly due to a higher unrealised foreign exchange loss of RM16mil recorded in 2Q due to the strengthening of US dollar as compared to an unrealised foreign exchange gain of RM0.15mil recorded in 2Q21.

Revenue for 2Q increased by 13% to RM209.74mil compared to RM185mil registered in 2Q21. Its earnings per share for the period fell to 3.69 sen against 4.41 sen last year.




In the first six months to June 30, CMS posted a net profit of RM111.6mil, down 11% from RM125.2mil a year ago while revenue expanded 9.5% to RM423.8mil versus RM387.06mil last year.

CMS said while the group continues to face industry-wide challenges such as steep increases in prices of raw materials, labour shortages and global supply chain constraints, it remained on track to execute key business strategies and initiatives during the first six months of the year.

“Going forward, the group anticipates that infrastructure and rural development programmes in Sarawak remain intact amid high raw material costs, labour shortages and logistics bottlenecks.

“Furthermore, despite the challenges faced across the industry, the group is of the view that business activities will pick up and contribute to the performance of the group’s businesses once these issues are resolved,” it said.

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